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  • Reaching
    To Impact the community
    with the message of salvation
    in Jesus Christ.
  • Equipping
    To Provide an environment
    for disciplining, training,
    and equipping the saints of
    God to do the work of the ministry.
  • Assembling
    To provide a place
    for corporate worship
    and Christian Fellowship.
  • Launching
    To send forth believers
    into active ministry into the all
    the world, starting at their
    front door, expanding through
    their communities and elsewhere.

Deaconess Ministry

"In the same way, their wives must be respected and must not slander others. They must exercise self-control and be faithful in everything they do." (NLT)

The Deaconess Ministry of Mount Olive Baptist Church is composed of women who have been appointed by the church to be special servants, ministering to the needs of the female members of the church, and to be of service wherever else they are needed. The Bible gives us descriptions of the character of Christian women who are to be examples in the church. The Apostle Paul makes mention of Phoebe in his writings, who was a servant (deaconess) of the church in Cenchrea.


"It is our mission to serve the Lord by serving our fellow man. He wants us to create an atmosphere of love and understanding that welcomes, embraces, encourages, and inspires women to use their gifts, talents, and resources for the edification of God's Kingdom."


She must be faithful in her support and participation in the church's total ministry.

She should be regular in attendance at Bible Study and Sunday School.

She should exhibit the 'Fruit of the Spirit' in her daily walk.

She should support the church financially through her tithes and offerings.

Exercise sound judgment, strong character, benevolence in spirit, tolerant of the weakness of others, sympathetic, and willing to serve anywhere at anytime.

Ministry Duties

Preparation of the elements for the Lord's Supper.

Secure and maintain needed supplies for The Lord's Supper and Baptism.

Provide clothing for Baptismal Candidates and assist them as needed.

Oversee the Women's Ministry.

Hold Intercessory Prayer Circle meetings.

Visit the sick and shut in providing assistance as needed.

Provide Christian Leadership training opportunities.

Collaborate with other ministries of the church.

Mount Olive Deaconess Ministry Officers and Members


Sis. Austria Arnold

Vice President

Sis. Dorothy Payne


Sis. K. Elaine Thomas

Asst. Secretary

Sis. Betty Humphries

Recording Treasurer

Sis. Anna Gray


Sis. Marcia Johnson


Sis. Deborah Day


Sis. Clara Gray


Sis. Violet Milner


Annual Days

Deaconess Annual Day

2nd Sunday in September

Annual Christmas Fellowship

3rd Sunday in December

Leader Name

Sis. Austria Arnold